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about us
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Bringing the Rich Traditions of African Cuisine to Our Community

ES African Kitchen was founded to introduce our neighbors to the comforting flavors and rich history of African cooking. Our owner, Gifty Ofori Frimpong, grew up in Africa where food brought people together through even the toughest of times. Recipes and ingredients varied, but an abundance of care and warmth stayed constant at every meal.

Gifty Ofori Frimpong carried this appreciation of African cuisine and community with her when she immigrated here. She missed the aromatic stews, tender grilled meats, and spice-infused bites that flavored his childhood. More importantly, she longed for a gathering place to enjoy meaningfully-made food and uplift people coming together.

We welcome everyone to savor a tour across Africa through our ever-changing menu. To us, food tells a story – of time-honored traditions, cherished ingredients, and bonds formed around the table. We can’t wait for you join us.

Gifty Ofori Frimpong.

why choose us

we providing
Seasonal & Delicious Food Menus

100% fresh item

We pride ourselves on crafting dishes using the highest-quality ingredients from local markets and vendors to bring you pure freshness in every bite.

talented chef

Creative masters of African flavors, textures, and tradition handcraft each plate with passion and expertise to showcase their heritage cuisines.

authentic dishes

Staying true to the original regions our recipes come from, we prepare each plate with the vibrant spices, herbs, and ingredients needed for a mouthwatering taste of Africa.

fresh drinks

Quench your thirst with our rotating selection of flavorful African drinks made in-house like ginger beer, mango juice, and hibiscus agua frescas.